Scented Surroundings: Sensory Overload

You are shopping with a friend and have already visited several stores he/ she enjoys when you notice your favorite store.  You take a deep breath, already enjoying the scents, and start to head into the store.  You notice your friend has stopped and doesn’t want to go in. You may feel like your friend is acting selfish. You’ve already gone into the stores he/ she picked.  More likely, your friend is experiencing a sensory overload.  It may be extremely difficult for him/her to walk through that door, after all the scents are so strong they are even wafting out of the store.

Think of your reason for shopping with your friend.  Are you there to do errands? To check things off your list? Or, more likely, are you there to spend time with each other? Understand your friend’s difficulty with that store, and come back to it another time.

Rebecca J Weaver is a Certified Autism Specialist at Independent with Autism, working to empower individuals with ASD. Need help creating your success strategies? Check out for more information.

Quick Tip

During the Holidays:

There are a lot of exciting things to do this time of year.  Try to spread it out, and take breaks to keep everyone at their best.